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Picking The Right Gillette Shaving Cream Package

When it comes to shaving, you can’t go wrong with Gillette shaving cream. How can you? This cream does come from the company that pioneered the modern shaving blade, after all. Before Gillette came along, people shaved with straight razors. Yikes! Talk about taking your life in your own hands. A straight razor is basically a very sharp straight miniature sword that you slide up and down your neck and throat area. One false move and you cut yourself. Move it close to your jugular vein and you’re in serious trouble.

Indeed, the old razors were so bad, it was truly an act of faith to have yourself shaved by someone else because you truly are entrusting your life into their hands. Just hope they don’t have jittery hands or they don’t get distracted while giving you a shave. Gillette razors changed all that. Dubbed the ‘safety’ razor, Gillette’s main product allowed people to achieve a smooth clean shave without the risk and hassle of straight razors.

gillette shaving cream

Later versions of the product came encased in plastic heads which further reduced the chances of users cutting themselves badly. Considering the ground-breaking legacy of Gillette products in the world of shaving, it comes as no surprise that Gillette shaving cream does a good job of softening up facial hair for shaving. Gillette’s cream has been around for a while and comes in a wide variety of sizes and formulations. Use the guide below to pick the right formulation for you. Every single user is different and has different needs. The user guide below enables users to pick out packages that fit their particular situation.

Your Schedule

If you are going to be traveling, you don’t want to lug around a huge can of Gillette shaving cream. Not only will this add unnecessary bulk to your travel kit, it might also be very wasteful since many travelers leave their half-used shaving cream cans at the hotel they stayed at. If you will be traveling, make sure to use smaller Gillette shaving cream bottles so you are more mobile and you would not have a problem if you leave it behind.

Your Skin Sensitivity

There are many formulations of Gillette shaving cream. Some are aimed at very sensitive skin. If you have skin that gets irritated easily, you might want to try cream formulations that have menthol. This produces a cooling sensation that might help your skin get through the shaving process and feel cool and relaxed after shaving.

Your Scent Preference

Not all people like the smell of regular Gillette shaving cream. Most people find it pleasant but a minority doesn’t. If you are in this small group of people, you can choose from other cream formulations to find the scent that appeals to you most.