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Numbing Cream for Waxing: What You Should Know

Many women choose to wax body hair as a part of their beauty rituals using specific products i.e. numbing cream for waxing. The experience can be extremely painful, although the pain can be lessened with the use of numbing cream for waxing that is administered to the skin prior to the dreadful waxing process.

What is in the wax and how does it work?

Most body waxes consists a warm melted wax with oil and rosin in the mixture. This concoction is spread over the area of the skin where hair removal is wanted, and then a piece of muslin is pressed into the still warm wax. The wax attaches to the muslin and the muslin is quickly removed from the skin, taking the unwanted hair with it.

It is important to know that if you want to use this procedure that it will need to be redone at least every 6 weeks, or as soon as the hair reaches ½” to ¼” long. Shorter hair will not be removed as well because the wax will not be able to bond with shorter hair.

Also, be aware that if you take Retin-a, you will need to stop taking it at least 3-4 weeks prior to the waxing procedure to assure that your skin will not develop brown spots.

How does numbing cream for waxing help with pain?

One can find numbing creams of various strengths with varying degrees of successful relief. One is the most well-known creams is Dr. Numb, which contains 13% Lidocaine and Prilocaine. It is a transdermal cream that works by calming the nerves in the dermis so that waxing is less painful. Many Lidocaine based numbing creams are available over the counter or on the internet. If something stronger is preferred a Novocain based cream can be acquired with a prescription.  If a natural product is preferred, a cream made from the Kava plant that is very effective.

Apply the numbing cream at least 15 minutes prior to the procedure to assure that the cream will be at its most affective strength.  You may want your provider to apply the cream to a small area and wax that part first to make sure the cream is working well. But, considering the issue of pain, it may be wise to simply apply the cream and get the waxing done quickly.

some of the numbing cream for waxing

Plan Ahead and make it a beauty day.

Having the body’s hair removed by waxing can be a very painful experience and should be carefully considered by anyone who wants to do this. Talk to the salon you are interested in having this done at and make sure they have a good reputation. Make sure that you bring your cream with you, too.

You should plan for a period of recovery after the procedure, too. No cream will completely alleviate the pain and the creams will not erase the reddened skin either. Ask your provider for suggestions to help the skin recover faster and better.