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Is Magic Shave Cream Right for You?

If you get a lot of razor bumps and ingrown hairs when you shave or you’re just looking to give your trusty razor a rest, give magic shave cream a try. This product was pioneered to give relief to men who suffer from razor burns, razor bumps, and have a tough time getting a silky smooth shave going with traditional razors. African-American men, in particular, find magic shave cream a great relief due to the hassles of razor bumps. If you are looking for an alternative to the ‘traditional shaving cream in a can plus razor’ type of shaving regimen, try magic shave cream. You might just like it so much that you forget about your razor. Consider the following factors when deciding if magic shave cream is the right solution for you.

Do you have a lot of time to spend shaving?

Simply put, shaving with magic shave cream is not a lightning quick operation. If you find yourself pressed for time every morning, day after day, magic shave cream might not be a good option. Why? It takes about half an hour or more to prepare the cream so you can shave. This can be a deal killer for many guys who are on the go. It can be quite a lengthy process. First, you add water to the cream. You keep adding and mixing water to the dry mix until you have a cream that is the consistency of toothpaste. Next, you add it to the area you want to shave. Unlike regular shaving cream which you dab on quickly, you have to slather and apply the magic shave cream in sections on your face. This is not a very quick process. You have to make sure you apply just enough cream because the cream dissolves your hair so if you don’t put enough cream on your face, you might be left with some rough patches of long stubble. Next, you have to leave the cream on for quite some time. Thirty minutes is not unheard of. Again, this might be a deal killer for some guys who are in a hurry in the morning. After thirty minutes, you can use a dull butter knife to scrape the cream off. You clean up with a towel after all the cream has been scraped. All the waiting is well worth it,though-you get a nice baby smooth shave.

Can you wait a day or two between shaves?

You can’t use magic shave cream day after day. You have to wait for a day or two in between shaves. For some guys with fast-growing hair, this can be a deal killer. If you want a baby smooth shave from hair dissolving solutions like magic shave cream but don’t want a five o’clock shadow in the off days, this can be a serious problem. This way of shaving is very effective and powerful but it isn’t for everyone.