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How to Select the Best Hot Shaving Cream Dispenser

Hot shaving cream dispenser is a necessity equipment to own if your are a frequent shaver. Back in the days when Queen Victoria was on the throne and Britannia ruled the waves, men had a special treat they no longer enjoy today. Yes, back in the Gilded Age, a guy’s time at barbershops meant more than the quick haircut and push out of the barber’s chair you get today. Back in those days, spending time at the barber’s meant spending a lot of time. Not only do you get your hair cut, you also get a shave. Not just any shave mind you, we’re talking about shaving cream mixed fresh. Shaving cream was mixed in a warm to hot concoction until the mixture reached a frothy lather. The cream is then slathered on your face and some serious shaving commenced. They sure knew how to give shaves back in the day. Due to the warm foam, the barber was able to give very deep shaves that were remarkably clean and smooth.

Of course, barbers also used straight razors back then. While these razors delivered very clean and smooth shaves, they can also be quite deadly – especially if the guy shaving you isn’t too keen on you. Thankfully, we now have safer razors where the worst you can get from a bad shave is a bad scrape. Compare this with a slit jugular and you see why straight razors aren’t the preferred shaving instrument nowadays. Still, many guys would prefer the hot shaving cream of olden days because of the quality of the shave it delivered. Thanks to modern technology, you can get yesterday’s legendary shaves by buying your own hot shaving cream dispenser. This appliance keeps your shaving cream warm so you can enjoy a phenomenally clean shave.

Use the tips below to select the best hot shaving cream dispenser for your needs

Consider the size

Look at your current shaving area and figure out what is the most convenient size for your hot shaving cream dispenser. You shouldn’t use a miniature dispenser if you have a lot of space. Also, if you shave in a cramped space, get a smaller unit.

Heating settings

Some guys like it hot. Other guys prefer it lukewarm. The key to picking the right hot shaving cream dispenser is that it must be able to serve up cream that fits your temperature preference. Make sure it has the right settings or it has variable settings. For most guys, a variable setup is best because sometimes you are up for a hot shave and other days, you might need a more mellow temperature.