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How to Look your Best with Edge Shaving Cream

Edge shaving cream is a powerful shaving product. It does a thorough job of doing what shaving creams do: preparing your skin for shaving and moisturizing your skin. It truly feels great and refreshing when you run your fingers over your freshly-shaved face. You feel reinvigorated and ready to tackle the day-exactly the feeling you need at the start of the typical work day. Be that as it may, you may still be missing out on a great shave even though you are using an awesome shaving cream. Yes, even with the best equipment and materials, you might not be getting the high-quality shave you deserve and need. How can that be? After all, you are using edge shaving cream. Very simple. You are simply shaving the wrong way. If you want to make the best out of your edge shaving cream, you have to shave the right way. Check the steps below and see if they help you step up your shaving game.

Wet your face properly

Right before you add edge shaving cream to your face, make sure your skin is properly hydrated. While it is true that your shaving cream with soften your hair and skin, there’s nothing like water to pre-soften your skin before you apply shaving cream. Let the water refresh your skin for a minute or two before dabbing on the cream.

Apply properly

Guys think that there is no art or science to applying shaving cream. They are wrong. If you get stubbles or uneven shaves from time to time, a little time invested into how to properly apply foam on your face can go a long way toward getting the shave you have always wanted. Moreover, it can ensure consistency. Apply edge shaving cream in sections. Don’t just quickly smear it on at once. Dab it on in sections.

Remember to Wait On Your Cream

Even when you are using a powerful shaving cream like edge shaving cream, you have to wait a few minutes to unlock its full shaving power. I know you are very busy, especially during the start of your work day, but you have to wait a few minutes so your skin is thoroughly softened so you can shave the right way. The longer wait time ensures that all the compounds edge shaving cream contains are fully released and work their way onto your facial hair and skin. You have to have soft enough hair to get a fully rewarding shave.