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How to Get the Most Use Out of Noxzema Shaving Cream

Noxzema shaving cream is one of my hubby’s favorite product after old spice shaving cream. When it comes to skin care and skin maintenance, there are few brands on the market that carry as much clout as Noxzema. And how can it not? After all, when the brand used to be owned by the Noxell Corporation, the whole Noxzema line was characterized by a laser focus on providing the best quality skin creams and treatment lotions.

Noxzema’s shaving cream line, in particular, made Noxell stand out from its competition because Noxzema shaving cream not only delivered a smooth clean shave, it also medicated and smoothed the skin. As a result, users of Noxzema shaving cream got relief from chafed skin, had softer and smoother skin overall, and felt relief from the normal and usual irritations present in the leg shaving process. Furthermore, the Noxzema has been around for ages since it launched its first shave cream in the 50s.  Surely they must be doing something right for lasting this long!

The product comes in five different types;noxzema shaving cream

  1. Regular. This has not extra additives except the brand’s thick, rich lather that has special emollients and lubricants. The blend let you shave closely and comfortably. It aids in preventing nicks, cuts and irritation and leaves skin feeling soft to the touch.
  2. Medicated with aloe and lanolin. Aids in preventing nicks and cuts and leaves skin feeling moisturized and soft. It constitutes dimethicone in a thick, rich lather which is a skin protectant shave cream.
  3. Medicated for sensitive skin. The concentrated formula contains a rich blend of emollients and lubricants that help shave close to the skin without irritation. Aids in preventing nicks and cuts and leaves skin feeling soft. The ingredients in it help soothe the whilst protecting it during shaving for a fresh and smooth result.
  4. Protective shave with cocoa butter – hydrating i.e. formulated to hydrate the skin to help prevent dryness and leave it softer and smoother. It has been designed to moisturize your skin for a close, comfortable shave
  5. Protective shave with menthol – protects the skin and refreshing for extra cool soothing shaves.

Noxzema shaving cream has also targeted women with their famous product the Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shave Gel. The product has a refreshing cucumber melon scent and is formulated to attenuate hair growth thus making your legs smoother.

Secret Ingredient of this Noxzema shaving cream

It’s Capislow!  Capislow is a hair inhibitor product i.e. slows down the metabolic process of hair growth by reducing keratinocytes. It is an extract from Larrea Divaricata, a shrub found in desert regions. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which makes it ideal to use in a shaving cream, where it prevents nicks and cuts. In a study done by Prescribedsolutions, Capislow seemed to attenuate hair density, which is how thick the hair grows in by twenty six percent and in some cases, up to fifty percent. Hair length was shown to decrease by eleven percent and up to thirty percent.

If you want to get the most out of your can of Noxzema shaving cream, follow this guide

Wet your legs properly

Moisten the area you want to shave properly. This means you have to actually get it thoroughly wet. Just because you are already taking a shower and some water got on your legs doesn’t mean that your legs’ skin is ready for shaving. You have to intentionally and thoroughly wet the area you want to shave. Sure, your shaving cream will moisturize the hair and soften it up for shaving. But you have to lay the proper groundwork to ensure that you can shave your legs properly.

Add an extra layer on sensitive parts of your skin

Once you have been shaving your legs, you’ll know the parts that feel particularly burnt after a bad shave job. Make sure to add an extra layer on the sensitive parts. The healing and restoring power of your Noxzema shaving cream goes a long way in helping your skin deal with the normal irritations of the shaving process.

Keep the cream on long enough

If you are like most other people, you are in a hurry. That’s fine. But you still have to wait a little longer for your shaving cream to work its magic on your legs. You can’t just slather on shaving cream on your legs and start shaving away. Well, you can do it and get mediocre results. However, if you truly want to unlock the power of Noxzema shaving cream and want it to truly deliver the smooth, clean, sleek, and medicated skin it’s known for, you need to wait a little longer for the foam to work its magic. This is crucial if you have sensitive skin.