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How to Get the Most out of Ambi Fade Cream Before and After

Skin clearing creams like ambi fade cream before and after have been around in one form or other for a long time. This is not surprising since uneven skin tones and dark and white spots are ‘classic’ problems throughout history. In fact, leprosy was often defined as having uneven skin tone in addition to having the classical symptoms of modern leprosy. Due to this classic and long-standing need, skin clearing and whitening creams like ambi fade cream before and after have been used throughout history. Of course, most of these are folk and natural remedies. If you are using skin fading cream to even out your skin tone, you need to certain steps to insure that you get the most benefit from this type of cream. Follow the guide below so you can maximize your benefits.

ambi fade creamPrepare and clean the area

To get best results you have to clear up the area where you will apply your ambi fade cream. A very common reason why people get patchy results from this type of cream is their failure to remove makeup or any other covering cream before applying ambi fade cream. You are basically layering one cream on top of the other. No wonder some people get uneven results or no results at all. Make sure you give the skin tone cream a chance to work by clearing out any other prior cream or makeup or skin covering you’re using. Ideally, you should take a shower and clean up your skin. Once your skin is clear, apply ambi fade cream.

Watch your exposure to the sun

If you are trying to even out your skin tone, you have to make sure you avoid environmental triggers to uneven skin. The most common trigger, of course, is the sun and exposure to sunlight. You can easily do this by wearing the right clothing like long-sleeved clothes. Also, you may want to only go out in the early parts of the day in case you must go out. You should absolutely avoid going out at high noon or at any other time where there is maximum sunlight out. Another approach you can take is to apply ambi fade cream but apply a sunblock on top of it. Of course, this is a last resort. Your default action should be to stay out of the sun.

Apply it enough time

You’d be surprised by how many people complain about a particular skin product when they haven’t used the product much. This is ridiculous. If you want to benefit from a product, make sure you use it enough times so you can get the opportunity to get the benefits it brings. Apply ambi fade cream enough times and follow the instructions closely.