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Get An Extra Clean Shave With Proraso Shaving Cream

Proraso shaving cream is an Italian-made cream that delivers great shaving results. It is able to do this due to its highly-effective formulation. Talk about a winning formula that seeks to produce smooth soft skin each and every time you shave! With that said, regardless of how well-formulated any particular shaving product might be, your results will also depend on how you shave.

This is one part of shaving many people seem to forget. Shaving cream can only take you so far in your search for a smooth, clean, and soft shave. The rest is up to you. One of the main reasons shavers get a rough shave or make do with a less than perfect shave is the fact that they are very busy and don’t really have the time to shave long enough. Other people just don’t know how to shave properly. If any of these situations apply to you, cheer up there is good news.

The good news is that learning to shave the right way is fairly straightforward. Follow our guide below to help you get the shave you have been looking regardless of whether you are using great shaving cream like proraso shaving cream or more ordinary creams you find at the check out section of your grocery store.

How to Effectively Use Proraso Shaving Cream

Wet Your Face Properly

You’d be surprised at how many shavers fail this first step. Many people rush through the shaving process that they fail to put enough water on their face before applying cream. This is a serious problem. Although shaving cream has enough moisture to wet facial hair and soften it up for shaving, shaving would be much easier if you wet your face first and let the water soak into the hair. Dry facial hair can be very tough and resist shaving. You can still shave without wetting your face first but it won’t be as smooth as when you wet your face first.

Use The Proper Angles To Shave Tougher Areas

If you are frustrated by some hard to shave areas, which frequently have stubble left after you shave, try using a different angle when shaving them. Try your regular angle first then try a completely different angle. Usually, if you attack it from the direct opposite angle, you might get better results.

Shave Some Parts Twice

If you still have stubble left in a pretty tough to shave part of your face, you should not think twice about shaving again. Sure, it adds a few extra seconds to your daily shaving routine but if you want to make the best impression on people you meet, the extra time is well worth it. Apply shaving cream again and shave again. This time, focus solely on the area that still has stubble.