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Coochy Shave Cream Review

Coochy shave cream…ever heard of it? I bet you were surprised like me by the straightforwardness of brand’s name. You can’t deny it; the brand “Coochy shave cream” is memorable. However, based on the implications of the name, some online stores only sell this product to those who are 18 years or older. Well, let’s continue on discussing this amazing shaving cream.

Is Coochy shaving cream any good or just an amusing name?

We usually whine on the fact that regular shaving creams are not good enough to protect our sensitive skin from the painful razor bumps as well as the ingrown hairs in the private parts subsequent to shaving. Well, whine no more, because Coochy shave cream seems to be getting positive reviews. Why? It has good amount beneficial ingredients that softens the skin and protects it from razor bumps and burns. It has an excellent mixture of organic and natural constituents which are just ideal for users who are cautious in not doing anything harmful to their delicate skin. Many users on popular shopping sites have gave it good reviews thus highly recommended.

What ingredients does Coochy shave cream contain?

coochy shave cream multi-pack different optionsSome of the ingredients include tea tree oil which helps pacify and mend the skin during shaving. It also has aloe vera which aids in maintaining the skin conditioned and soft. As for those who prefer having their shaving creams scented the Coochy shave cream comes with different fragrance blends. This will make you take pleasure more in shaving your skin in addition to it giving you an excellent cut. The fragrance varieties that come with it include Green Tea and Pear Berry. As for those who prefer unscented cream, then a fragrance-free option is also available. The Original cream option is also available.

Can Coochy shaving cream be used for other parts of the body apart from the private parts?

Yes, the cream can be used to shave any part of the body such under armpits, legs, hands, face, etc. Its ingredients create foam that softens any tough hair thus offer lavish lubrication while shaving. Giving your body parts a smooth cut along with absence of intolerable razor bumps and burns usually obtained during shaving.

Cheap on the razor

It’s enough to achieve excellent results with a single or double razor blade when using Coochy cream. This saves you the cost of using the expensive triple or quadruple razor blades.

Variable sizescoochy shave cream variable data-lazy-sizes

Coochy shave creams and come in various sizes ranging from 4 to 16 oz. In case you are sceptical on the product, you can buy the 4 oz size for a trial. If it turns out to be what I reviewed, then you can go ahead and save your future purchases by buying in large multi-pack. Likewise, the 4 oz size is excellent when on the road whether on business or pleasure.

In a nutshell, Coochy shave cream has numerous valuable qualities such as ease of use, prevention from the intolerable razor bumps and burns, best shaving cream for sensitive skin and not forgetting the option of scented aromas.  For this reason, this pleasant shaving cream is turning out to be a top product for all kinds of shaving if not for intimate purposes only!

Please share your experience with Coochy shave cream.