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Veet Hair Removal Cream

If you have ever considered buying hair removal cream then you have certainly seen the Veet brand on the shelf before. It is not incredibly expensive like some of the salon designer brands, but it does have nearly the same chemical components to removal hair. Veet hair removal cream continues to sell because it does work quite well if you use it properly. There are some major improper uses that turn people off to hair removal cream completely so you must be careful to use Veet exactly according to the directions. But in terms of hair removal, Veet works just as well as the other brands if not better.

Veet hair removal cream 2We have done a comparison of quite a few brands which you can check out in one of our other articles, but Veet did come out very well. A few of the things we really liked about it were that it felt like they put more Aloe Vera in their removal cream. We were unable to verify this as the bottles only list chemical ingredients in order of the amount that is contained within the bottle. However, it felt much more soothing on the skin as the hair is being melted away. This makes Veet a bit less harsh than some of the other brands.

Another great part about Veet hair removal cream is that fact that it is less thick than some of the other brands so it is much easier to put on. The directions do recommend that you put on a thick coat which is a little more difficult with how thin it is, but some of the other brands truly feel like you are gobbing thick pudding all over your hair so Veet was a nice change. It works much better on thinner hair than thicker hair due to its consistency.

Use appropriately

One thing you must be careful of when using Veet is to follow the directions exactly. This is not the kind of stuff you want to put on your friends’ head or eyebrows when they are sleeping as it can cause serious burns if not used properly. The directions state that you should not leave the cream on for more than 3 minutes. So, this is pretty simple. No matter what, do not leave it on longer than that. You can always go back and do a second coat later, but when you leave it on too long you will quickly see irritation.

Veet hair removal creamYou also need to make sure to only use it on approved areas of your body. For instance, using this on your face, genitals, or other sensitive areas will cause burning. Unfortunately, one of us did try another brand on one of these places and did experience moderate burns so you must be very careful to follow exactly the directions that Veet gives you. They are very clear and easily understandable. As with most manufacturers, they are clear enough that if you use this product stupidly, they are not going to be held reliable for your stupidity.

Smell of Veet hair removal cream

The only complaint that we had about Veet was the smell. Some of the chemicals in it do have an odor so it seems like they used an overwhelming smell of Aloe Vera with a hint of cucumber to cover up the smell. Other brands smell like chemicals whereas you do not even notice that smell with Veet. Perhaps it is a psychological thing that Veet hair removal cream would smell like something other than chemicals. We still thought that they should pick a couple different flavors of smell so that the consumer could choose what they want their skin to smell like for the next couple of days. Hopefully they will take this advice if they read this article.


Overall, we liked Veet hair removal cream and would recommend the product as long as you use it appropriately. We had a few minor complaints, but this is certainly one of the better brands. Whether you are a first time hair removal cream user or even if you are an experienced user, we recommend trying this product.