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Tretinoin Cream – What You Need Know

Today I’m doing a quick review on tretinoin cream. You know, there’s something that is just almost laugh out loud funny about acne.

I know, I know – you’re probably wondering what I could find funny about something as embarrassing and self esteem damaging as acne. I get it, and maybe I’m a bit out there, but there has to be a galactic joke in that you get acne right around the time you become interested in the opposite sex! Right when you want to look and feel your best to impress and wow them.

Not laughing? That’s fair – and maybe the only reason I find it so funny because I’ve discovered what may be the single most useful compound to eradicate acne forever. Yes, I’m talking forever, forever – as in permanent, gone, never to show it’s ugly red and black spots again!

The wonder cream I’m talking about? Tretinoin cream of course.

What is the cream all about?

Tretinoin cream is what is known in the science and cosmetic field as a synthetic version of Vitamin A. For us regular people, think of this cream as a man made Vitamin A on steroids. All of the fantastic effects of Vitamin A on the skin, but amplified to its maximum potential.

tretinoin cream

Does the cream work for acne?

You bet it works for clearing up acne. In fact, it’s one of the most popular compounds in all of the top tier level skin care products aimed to clear up and remove acne. Now I should preface all of this by saying that there is no such thing as a “wonder drug”, and that everyone will react to this cream differently. However, studies and anecdotal evidence both have shown us that literally millions of people around the world have had fantastic success stopping acne dead in its tracks with it.

Tretinoin cream works as soon as you apply the cream to your face. Because of its unique molecular structure, the super Vitamin A is able to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, not stay hovering on the surface like many other “remedies”. This promotes powerful regrowth and turnover of your dead skin, leading to healthier and fresher looking faces.

The cream also goes to work in blocking and inhibiting the action of the sebaceous glands. Which are in turn prone to enlarging pores and causing some serious acne outbreaks. Both white heads and black heads love when the sebaceous gland gets going.


Tretinoin cream reviews are all over the internet, and everyone from teenagers just experiencing their first breakouts to older men and women who are experiencing an irregular flare up are raving about the healing power of the cream. This is the real deal when it comes down to breaking down the destructive and in some cases life altering cases of acne – and lets face it, who wouldn’t feel a whole lot more comfortable and confident knowing that those pimples had seen there last days?

Side effects

The cream is a completely safe compound to use, but in some admittedly rare cases there have been some side effects. Remember that everyone’s biochemistry is unique, and what works wonders for someone – even a family member – may not work at all or have side effects for you.

These side effects are relatively minor, and include peeling of the skin, redness, itching and dryness are all side effects of using it.

What’s the proper dosage?

There’s no internet article in the world that can tell you the specific and necessary dosage for your case of acne – every one is different, and only a trained and trusted dermatologist would be able to make that call for you. I can tell you that the cream comes in several different strengths, most commonly in the Tretinoin cream 0.025, Tretinoin cream 0.05, and Tretinoin cream 0.1 strengths (going from weakest to strongest). You should also know that you should use whatever your dermatologist recommends – stronger cream will not result in quicker relief of acne, it will only increase the likelihood of more side effects and actually slow your progress. I know it can be exciting to see results, especially if you’ve been battling acne for any amount of time, but stick with what you’re recommend and you’ll be cleared up in no time at all.

 I hope that this quick little guide about this cream has helped you see that there are options out there for acne relief, and that you’re not alone in this battle against this ugly little intruder. The cream can be a powerful weapon against acne when used properly, so make sure you get a dermatologist recommendation before using it. Best of luck to a new, fresher faced you!