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Store your Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream the Right Way

To treat aged skin, try elemis pro collagen marine cream. The aging process can be hard on your body overall. As you get past a certain age, you feel your body slowing down and things that were a breeze to do in the past seem more difficult or less comfortable now. The truth is, you can do a lot about your body’s aging process. While you can’t stop aging – that is just plain impossible – you can moderate its pace and impact on your body.

The primary factor behind aging is lifestyle. Let’s face it, if you live a hard drinking, partying, insomniac, chain-smoking, greasy food eating lifestyle, your lifestyle can take quite a toll on your body. Your body just degenerates faster due to the toxins and free radicals pumped into your system by your lifestyle. The lack of sleep hormones is a major factor in wearing you down through stress. To slow down the aging process, you need to embark on a lifestyle that ensures your body gets the rest and nutrients it needs to properly heal itself and repair damaged tissue.

A holistic anti-aging lifestyle, therefore, needs to focus on the basics: healthy food, moderate exercise, and getting enough sleep. Try to eat more fiber from fruits and vegetables. Jog or bike every morning, and make sure you get eight hours of sleep every night. While this is not going to roll back the clock and make you young again, a healthier lifestyle can help you slow the aging process.

In terms of skin care, the aging process can be quite brutal. Due to a hard partying lifestyle, there are some individuals in their 20s who look like they are in their early 40s. A healthier lifestyle will fix this situation. Elemis pro collagen marine cream can help your skin look much younger, softer, and smoother. Its active ingredient is collagen.

Collagen helps make your skin younger since it infuses your skin and helps it maintain or regains its youthful look. What makes elemis pro collagen marine cream remarkable as an age-defying solution is the fact that is also uses the marine extract Padina Pavonica to boost your skin’s fight off free radicals. Free radicals lead to cancer.

Storing elemis pro collagen marine cream

Store in a Cool Place

To ensure that your cream retains its powerful qualities, make sure you store it properly. You should store your tube of elemis pro collagen marine cream in a cool place. Creams separate if kept in a warm location. Most creams use compounds that liquify and separate at certain elevated temperatures. Keeping your elemis pro collagen marine cream out of direct heat goes a long way in making sure it is emulsified enough to use and doesn’t run or turn into a messy gooey blob.

Store in a Dry Place

Our bathrooms can get quite humid due to the water vapor being released by shower steam. This can cause havoc with certain creams if you don’t close their lids correctly. The water vapor can get into badly closed lids and mix with the cream. If the cream has already separated due to heat, the water layer ensures that the cream might have a tough time sticking to your skin. Not only will the cream be uneven, its effects might be diluted due to the water.