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Razor or Hair Removal Cream?

This is in the end going to be a matter of personal preference. However, it is definitely worth trying both and see which one works better for your skin. They make much more specialized hair removal cream than they used to so there are specific types that you can use to treat each part of your body depending on your skin tone and thickness of the hair. Keep in mind that razors are always going to make your hair rough as it is growing back whereas some hair removal creams even market that they have permanent results. Here are the advantages of each:

Razor Advantages

  1. Lower cost. A razor is almost always going to be cheaper if you are using a traditional razor unless you experience permanent hair loss results from hair removal creams.
  2. Consistent results – you aren’t going to have to try multiple brands of razors to get smooth skin. With hair removal cream you may have to try multiple brands.
  3. Can be used with existing medical conditions – if you have existing medical skin conditions, you should choose shaving over hair removal cream

Hair Removal Cream Advantages

  1. Lasts much longer – hair removal cream can potentially have results up to multiple weeks
  2. Hair can grow back less thick – There is a potential that your hair will grow back less thick after using hair removal cream
  3. Will not cut your skin – razors can cut you skin whereas hair removal cream is not going to cut your skin.
  4. No stubble – you won’t have the appearance that you shaved like you will if you have thick hair.

Generally you should try hair removal cream to see if it works for your skin type. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always go back to shaving. However, it is at least giving hair removal cream a try.