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Practice Creative Shaving with Edge Shaving Cream

Mixing things up with edge shaving cream

Let’s face it – most guys are creatures of habit. They just have a set way of doing things and thinking about things. In other words, most guys have their comfort zone which they rarely venture out of. This is fine if everything is going your way and everything is predictable. In fact, why rock the boat when there are no waves and things are going smoothly, right? Guys have their comfort zone when it comes to almost all aspects of their lives: clothes, music, girlfriend, you name it. However, you have to venture out of your comfort zone if you are not getting the optimal results that you need. This is true about your job, about your investment income, about sports, and it is definitely true when it comes to  certain aspects of personal hygiene. I am, of course, talking about shaving. If you still get pesky stubbles after years of shaving the same way or if you find that certain parts of your face sometimes get a rough shave, you may need to mix things up a bit when it comes to shaving. You can definitely do this with edge shaving cream. Here’s how:

Change the angle of your shave

Most guys shave their face from a certain angle. This is all about preference. Just as some guys are left-handed and other guys are right-handed, shaving your mug from a certain angle comes natural and comes easy. The problem is you might be paying a steep price for the comfort of shaving your face from a certain angle. Simply put, you may not be getting the clean and smooth shave you deserve. If you are using edge shaving cream, you may want to change the angle you use. Use a completely opposite angle. I know this might be quite awkward at first but keep at it. After you get used to it, you might be getting a cleaner and smoother shave.

Change the sequence of your shave

Many guys follow a certain sequence when shaving. This might be the cause of bad spots. These stubbly spots are areas you miss or fail to shave thoroughly. Use edge shaving cream and dab it all over your face, then instead of starting with the moustache area, go to the chin area, then the neck, then the moustache. In other words, mix it up and see if the changed sequence boosted your shave quality.