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How To Select The Best Collagen Cream

Picking out the best collagen cream can be quite tricky especially if you are getting your recommendations from online review sites. The truth is what is ‘best’ for you might not be ‘best’ for another person and vise versa. Also, many review sites exist because they get paid when people buy certain products based on the review sites’ recommendations. See what’s wrong with this picture? How can someone steer you in the right direction when they are getting paid to recommend a product? This creates a situation where the best interests of the review site’s readers become less important than the review site owner’s need to make a quick buck. To avoid this all-too-common situation, this consumer guide to collagen cream takes a different approach. We focus on the most important person in the process of buying any product – the consumer. Follow the tips below to help you ask the right questions when buying collagen cream. Since they are focused solely on your personal situation and needs, they give you enough information for you to make an informed buying decision.

Know Your Skin

collagen creamThe first step to even come close to identifying which collagen cream is best for your skin is to know your skin. You’d think that this is obvious since you’re the person looking at your face in the mirror at least once every morning, right? It turns out that most consumers are not as self-aware as they think they are. You might think you have oily skin, but it may turn out that you have combination skin. There are just way too many variations possible. To truly know your skin, you should ask someone with some training in differentiating among the different skin types. You can get this done for little to no money if you head to your closest department store’s cosmetics section and ask for a free consultation. The sales personnel there have some training regarding skin types. Once you are aware of your skin type, you can now choose among different collagen cream product offerings available online that have solutions for your particular skin type.

Check Online For Buzz On The Collagen Cream Product You Are Considering

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. That’s the basic rule of online research and shopping. For a variety of self-serving reasons, people post all sorts of garbage online. With that said, look for a pattern in the online mentions of the collagen cream product you are looking into. Try to detect a pattern between the different blog posts, blog comments, forum posts, and review site mentions of the product. As discussed above, look at overly positive reviews with a healthy dose of skepticism. Regardless, factor all the online buzz you come across into a holistic review. See if there is a pattern that indicates fake comments, fake posts, and fraudulent forum recommendations. On the other side, make sure the negative items you find are legitimate. There are many trolls online and paid bad reviewers too.

Check Social Networks Like Twitter For Buzz

While it is relatively easy to see the conflict of interest and ‘paid to hype’ shenanigans in blogs, review sites, and forums, it is much harder to lie on Twitter. Twitter is an aggregator of people’s different feedback and opinions. While a share of the total tweet volume about a particular product may be self-serving, the bulk might not be. Keep an eye on this to get a candid impression of the quality of the collagen cream product you are considering.