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How to Pick the Best Shaving Cream for Men

How do you pick out the best shaving cream for men? Well, I don’t mean to stick out like a sore thumb but I have to state the obvious-only you know what is ‘best’ for you. Deep down, most consumers know this. Unfortunately, whether on the TV screen or on the Internet, many advertisers claim that their stuff is the best for you. And who can blame them? They are, after all, trying to push a certain product. They are trying to sell a certain brand.

best shaving cream for menInternet review sites are especially notorious when it comes to conflicts of interest since many brand selling and product sales sites masquerade as ‘review’ sites. They give themselves away when you hover your cursor over the product sales link and it goes to an eCommerce shopping site. In other words, the stuff these sites are pushing as the ‘best’ may not be the best for your particular situation. It might not even be good for you or match your particular needs. Of course, these sites won’t and don’t care-as long as you buy. That’s the sad reality of online conflicts of interest.

If you are looking for the best shaving cream for men, you have to focus on what’s important – your needs. Not what some site says or whatever fancy copy-writing or persuasive ad copy they come up with. No, you have to focus on what makes sense to you.

Follow our guide below to help you ask the right questions that will direct you to the right facts that can help you make an informed decision when you are trying to find the best shaving cream for men.

What is your skin type?

Different guys have different skin types. Some guys have relatively smooth skin and facial hair often appears as relatively softy wispy minor strips. Other guys are very hairy and each strand of hair can be very tough and thick. Other guys fall in between. You have to know what your skin type is and you have to select your shaving cream based on its ability to facilitate the shaving of your skin and hair type.

How sensitive is your skin?

You also have to factor in your skin’s sensitivity. Some guys have very thick skin which can withstand a lot of punishment. Other guys wince at very minor skin irritation. There is nothing wrong with this. What is wrong is if you use a solution made for thick skin on your very sensitive skin. A close shave can only happen if you are comfortable shaving and you won’t get this comfort if the cream foam and skin softening agents in your shaving don’t go with your skin sensitivity. The last thing you need is an uncomfortable shaving experience. To figure out the best shaving cream for men, you have to factor in your personal skin sensitivity and choose accordingly.