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How to Make Shaving Cream

Ever wondered on why people look into ways on how to make shaving cream? I know this is probably the first question that comes to the minds of many consumers when they find out that there are shaving cream powder packages on the market. The amazement is understandable. After all, most shaving cream packages available today come in a handy and convenient can. You just press on the nozzle at the top and out comes pre-mixed shaving cream foam. No messy mixing. Easy to clean up.

There are, however, many people who want are interested in educating themselves into how to make shaving cream. Why? Because warm, freshly-mixed shaving cream produces cleaner and tighter shaves. Pre-mixed foams may not have the right mix of ingredients to produce the kind of shave freshly-mixed shaving cream fans are looking for. Another reason people want to make their own shaving cream is the fact that they don’t shave at all. These individuals use hair removal cream to remove hair. They use razor-less shaving cream because they get razor bumps or have really sensitive skin. Razor-less shaving cream is applied on the face and given a relatively long time to soften and dissolve facial hair. The cream is then removed with a butter knife or some other dull blade. Regardless of your reason for wanting to mix your own shaving cream.

Here is our guide on how to make shaving cream

Give yourself Space

The great thing about using standard canned shaving cream is the fact that you don’t need much space to use it. Just press on the nozzle, foam comes out, and you are in business. Whether you are using it in one of Donald Trump’s huge bathrooms or in a college dorm’s 4 x 4 bathroom, you  can shave comfortably. If you are going to be mixing your own shaving cream, it’s a completely different matter-you will need space. At the very least, you’ll need elbow room to mix the ingredients. Thankfully, most pre-mixed shaving creams are in powder form and you only need to add warm or hot water. Still, you may need to stir some formulations to get the right lather.

Giver yourself Time

Besides adequate space and a source of hot or warm water, you also need to give yourself some time to mix shaving cream properly. Unlike canned shaving cream foam, you have to use a little elbow grease to get the lather you want for your shaving cream. This is good news for fans of custom-mixed shaving cream because you are in control of how much lather you want for your cream. If you are using depilatory creams like Magic Shave, you have to add water to the mix and stir until the cream reaches the consistency of tooth paste. Learning how to make shaving cream isn’t exactly rocket science but you have to give yourself the time and space needed to do a good job.