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Hair Removal Creams For Men – A Valuable Substitute For Shaving?

Over the last few years, hair removal creams for men have become more and more popular. And this is no surprise, because hair removal creams provide some quite significant advantages compared to shaving.

Nowadays, there are many different brands available that have been specifically designed for men and there are even different creams for different skin types and skin areas, such as arms, back, face…

So, what are actually the advantages?

  • Hair regrowth is typically much slower than with shaving. Hair removal creams for men, pulls the hair out of its root, whereas with shaving, the hair gets cut only on the surface. The effects of using a hair removal cream can last up to 5-7 days, whereas with shaving the effects only last for 1-2 days.
  • Hair removal creams may be easier to use on skin areas that are difficult to access, such as the back.
  • Compared to other hair removal methods (such as waxing), the use of hair removal cream for men is pain-free.
  • As I already mentioned, the hair gets removed from below the surface, which means that you won’t feel any stubble sfor several days.
  • Hair removal creams are quick and easy to use. Simply put on the cream, wait 5-10 minutes and take it off using a washcloth soaked in warm water.
  • Your skin gets exfoliated at the same time.

Are there also any drawbacks?

Of course, as with everything there are also disadvantages:

  • In order to make a hair removal cream work effectively, it needs to contain some chemical substances that may cause irritations on sensitive skin areas. That’s why it’s really important to use a cream that’s specifically designed for a specific skin area. For example, you shouldn’t use a back hair removal cream on your face.

Most hair removal creams for men are not very effective on people with coarse hair.