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Ear Hair Removal Using Hair Removal Cream

Although discussing ear hair is often thought of as a humorous conversation, this can be a very serious problem for many people. Hair growing on top of the ears, inside the ears, outside the ears, and behind the ears is much more common than people are willing to admit. Ear hair can even get incredibly thick in some cases to the point where black hairs are growing out of the top of the ears almost like chest hair or armpit hair. This can be extremely unattractive and is much harder to remove than you might think.

One approach is to trim the hair on the ears. This is the first step that most people take. It is very easy to pull out a pair of scissors and just cut the hair off. However, over time it becomes clear that this is just covering up the problem. In addition, it is so easy to forget to trim the hair that day causing the same embarrassment that you had prior to trimming this hair.

Some people who have only a very small amount of hair on their ears choose to pluck the hair. This can be quite painful depending on how deep the roots are and how high your pain tolerance is. Considering that waxing your ears is probably not going to be an option, plucking is the next best thing. You can consider it along the same lines as someone who plucks their eyebrows.

Hair removal cream can be a great option for the outside and back of your ear. The application of hair removal cream can lessen hair growth and even thin the hair in some cases. In addition, these products are not very expensive and last a long time.

As with every type of hair removal, the best way is to get laser hair treatments on the ear hair. Ear hair removal with lasers will have the longest lasting results. However, the procedure can be a bit pricey so the cost versus benefit will need to be weighed in this situation.