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Do Permanent Hair Removal Creams Exist?

With new advancements in technology, more options for removing unwanted hair has risen up. Hair creams are now some of the most effective ways for hair removal and some customers have even claimed there are permanent hair removal creams that have worked for them. Even with this claim whether founded or unfounded, the best way for permanent hair removal is laser hair removal. However, the major drawbacks to laser surgery are minor pain and price. From this perspective, hair removal creams can be significantly better in terms of ease of use and minimal long term side effects. Be very cautious of websites that are asking you to buy permanent hair removal creams or permanent herbal remedies as most people are not going to experience these results with cream alone. A better idea is to try hair removal creams to avoid the pain of shaving rather than expecting miracle results.

Hair removal creams are the best choice for those who are looking to prevent expensive and potentially painful laser treatments. These creams can drastically reduce existing hair and lessen further hair growth. There are some prescription creams that are so effective that they are almost in the permanent hair removal cream category. They are a great alternative to shaving especially in places where shaving can leave rashes and razor-burn. After trying hair removal creams, many people choose never to go back to shaving because of the fantastic results.

Not all creams may be the perfect solution for your body type on the first try. Sometimes trying different brands with different chemical compositions may be required. However, hair removal creams are shown to reduce hair growth for most people so keep trying different creams. Also, you need to make sure that you are following the directions exactly as written on the bottle or container. Many people stop trying hair removal creams after the first application which is not what the directions say. If directions say you need to apply every day for a week, then you need to follow those directions to get the results that you are looking for.

Because hair removal can be such a difficult problem to tackle, you might consider some other alternatives and their pros and cons.

Hair removal using scissors can be beneficial for some areas such as the back of the neck. However, you may consider choosing shaving if you have someone else that can shave the back of your neck for you. You might also be interested in trying hair creams on the back of your neck for similar results.

Waxing and shaving are other options, but you will still get better results with laser surgery. Shaving for the purpose of hair removal can easily become an every day routine. Not only that, but it starts making hair grow back thicker and more coarse over time. Waxing is incredibly painful in certain areas and only lasts for a month or less in most cases. If you add up the price of going to the saloon to get yourself waxed even shaving starts to sound like a better option. The cost of hair removal creams is significantly less and the results of laser hair surgery significantly outweigh the benefits to both shaving and waxing.

Not every part of the body is going to be acceptable for different hair removal techniques. It is not recommended that you try hair cream or shave those ultra sensitive parts of your body. However, laser hair removal and waxing in some cases can be the way to go for these areas. Just remember that there is a significant amount of pain that comes along with a wax so you might consider laser surgery.

There are some major reasons why you should choose laser hair removal treatments if you can afford it. Most people are going to get better results with laser hair removal treatments than with hair removal creams. Laser hair removal treatments will drastically reduce hair growth immediately while hair removal creams may take some time to take effect. Also, results can reduce arm hair permanently while depending on your body type, you may need to continue to apply permanent hair removal creams every month if you only experience a reduction in hair growth.

However, laser treatments have minor to major pain associated depending on the type of treatment. In addition, certain skin tones may not be able to get laser surgery. In addition, there are some side effects that can occur in those with sensitive skin. It is best to consult a dermatologist prior to getting the treatment itself. However at a minimum, laser hair treatment is worth the research online.

If you are not a candidate for laser or if you cannot afford the $1000 treatments, then you might consider hair removal cream. Because some of the more prominent brands show that most people reduce hair growth and some people even experience permanent hair removal, it is definitely worth giving these creams a try. Arm hair, back hair, leg hair, and facial hair can be extremely unsightly. Removing hair from these areas of your body can significantly improve your image. Shaving leaves a layer of stubble that makes it very obvious that you just shaved. However, you won’t see this problem with hair removal cream or laser surgery. Both of these two methods are becoming more and more popular because of the much better results. In some cases you can’t even see that hair used to grow where the cream is applied.

Even if hair removal creams do not end up being the miracle permanent hair removal cream solution to make your hair never grow again, it certainly can be a much better alternative to shaving if you cannot afford laser surgery. Go ahead and compare the price of laser surgery compared to the price of permanent hair removal creams to see which will be the better alternative for you.