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Can a Face Cream with Vitamin C Really Help your Skin Heal?

Face cream with Vitamin C help with wrinkles. Vitamin C’s regenerative powers are well-known. This vitamin’s ability to heal and restore tissue is, after all, one of the main reasons bottles of Vitamin C tablets fly of the shelf. This is also the reason why Vitamin C is consistently added to other vitamin formulations. It appears that Vitamin C is the one compound many manufacturers always include in their multivitamin formulations. As powerful as Vitamin C is to helping people’s muscles and tissues heal, Vitamin C can also work its magic on your skin. No wonder then that, many skin creams include Vitamin C. Of course, this addition costs a bit more than a ‘pure’ cream. So the question has crossed many consumers minds: can a face cream with vitamin c really help your skin? In particular, can this vitamin’s ability to restore and heal muscle and other tissues also work on the skin?

face cream with vitamin cTopical versus Internal

Before we can get to the answer, we have to first analyze the fact that when you are using a face cream with vitamin c, you are, of course, using a topical solution. This means you apply the item on your skin to get the benefit. Compare this with oral administration where you ingest a tablet and it goes to your stomach then to your liver which helps distribute it to the rest of your body. It takes longer for skin healing to take place because your skin has to absorb the Vitamin C unlike internal digestion of the Vitamin. Regardless, most face cream with vitamin c formulations have encased the active ingredients, including Vitamin C, into small oil based units that are small enough to be absorbed by your skin. They are small enough to be distributed evenly so their therapeutic benefits can be absorbed by your skin properly. This results in your skin healing and repairing faster.


For Vitamin C, or any other healthy compound for that matter, to provide the results you’re looking for, it must be found in the right amounts in the formulation you are taking. In other words, it has to be present in the right concentrations. When ingesting Vitamin C, the amount you’ll need depends, of course, on your weight. The heavier you are, the more vitamin C you’ll need to get its benefits. For skin, this is a simpler matter, you just need enough to cover the area you want treated by Vitamin C.