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Brazilian Suma Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Brazilian Suma eye cream is based on the Suma root to treat dark circles under eyes. Researchers from Brazil published an article in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology titled: “Effects of a Brazilian herbal compound as a cosmetic eyecare for periorbital hyperchromia (“dark circles”)”. They used Pfaffia paniculata/Ptychopetalum olacoides B./Lilium candidum L.-associated compound (PPLAC). In layman terms, these are bionomal names referring to Brazilian Suma root (also known Brazilian Ginseng), muira puama and Madonna lily, respectively.

Their study concluded that there was a reduction in the inflammatory process as well as the antioxidant protection against deleterious elements may be considered as an integral approach to preserve the integrity of vascular endothelium, preventing the hemodynamic congestion that culminates in the formation of “dark circles” around the eyes. Most of the participants for the study had visibly improved brightness and tone in the under-eye area within a month.

Although PPLAC is suma root used to make brazilian suma eye cream for dark circlesnot currently present in many skincare products, researchers have hope that their remarkable discovery could sway manufacturers to the though of utilizing it in more formulas targeted at eradicating one of the most frustrating eye concerns in the beauty industry.

If you search for Brazilian Suma eye cream, you won’t find the product as the term Ginseng has been made popular instead. Thus you can find the product if you search as Brazilian Ginseng Cream. Since the product isn’t common yet and may not be of reach to you, other good alternatives to treating under-eye dark circles include the following products;

Acai Energy

These are in form of tablets packed in a container where they are 90 in number. They contribute in giving the eye strength and natural energy thus able to focus clearly. Some of the ingredients contained in the Acai Energy caps are Acai, Suma and Guarana.

Eye Lifting moisture cream

Packed in a sachet which it s main purpose is to moisturize and make the skin around the eye firm. Through this, chances of your eye developing some lines are minimal and in the long run reduce signs of aging.

Age Reversal Eye cream

This is a non-greasy anti-wrinkle treatment cream which helps entirely in moisturizing and hydrating the eye and fine line areas. This equally reduces facial tension and appearance of wrinkles which will show some signs of aging.

Vitamin Revitalizing Eye cream

It is made of Avalon Organics which nourishes and uplifts the skin around the eyes thus protecting it from further damages. Continuous application of the cream will make the eye to be free from radicals and render it a smooth and soft appearance.

Rejuvenex Triple action eyes

Usually referred as life extension as it tends to increase the lifespan of an individual. This cream is specifically designed for the sensitive and delicate eye regions. This is one cream which contains very effective ingredients purposely to perform specific functions on the eyes.

Dry Eyes Formula

It has a unique active response formula called Samilisan which entirely stimulates quickly the natural ability of the eye in order to fight against eye dryness. Sometimes they eye can be subjected to various conditions like smoke stress and even age contact lens wear which result in making your eyes appear red. This cream is in a position of fighting against eye redness caused in this nature. On top of that, there are those creams designed purposely to provide natural relief for eye strain from screens like computers, televisions and nutritional support to the eye.

Brite Eyes III

Packed in a box in for of vials which are 5 millimeters in length each. Risks of bacterial contamination are minimized through this kind of packaging and enhance easy accessibility whenever they are placed. The vials help in fighting against any form of eye dryness and promote eye acuity. There are numerous eye cream supplements you can obtain so as a customer, get more information from eye health facilities.