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Bikini Wax or Bikini Hair Removal Cream

Once you get tired of shaving your bikini line ever single time you have to go to the pool or to the beach you might want to try waxing or using hair removal cream. Neither are incredibly expensive if you choose to do them yourself. However, going to a professional is going to cost quite a bit more. Both of them are going to make your hair go away, but each has some advantages and disadvantages associated with them. As you will get very similar results by using the two methods here is a summary of each product

Bikini Wax

  • Moderate to extreme pain depending on how deep the roots of your hair are
  • Quick application
  • Cost is a bit more expensive if you choose to go to a professional
  • Will not prevent hair growth and you will have to continue to get waxed every few weeks
  • Can cause damage to hair follicles

Bikini Hair Removal Cream

  • No pain to mild pain depending on skin type (this can differ from brand to brand and is not inclusive of all brands as some are stronger than others)
  • Takes about 8 minutes to apply and use
  • Cost is a bit more expensive if you choose to do it yourself
  • Can cause hair to thin over time and has the potential to stop hair growth completely
  • Can cause minor skin irritation

If you have a very high tolerance for pain then you should try out both the wax and the hair removal cream. Otherwise you might want to try bikini hair removal cream. Another option would be to get laser hair treatments which can prevent hair from every growing again in some cases.

Some Examples of Bikini Hair Removal Creams Available in the Market

Superdrug Bikini Hair Removal Cream

This delicate hair removal cream is designed to carefully get rid of undesirable hair from your swimsuit within five minutes. It helps as well hydrate your skin, making it smooth and soft to touch. The duration the cream requires to work varies according to thickness of the hair. Moreover, it is enriched with soothing lavender extract. The cream is supplied with a balm which is is enriched with sweet almond oil to help moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch. It also aids in restoring the skin’s natural pH balance after hair removal. For more info, click here.

Boots Smooth Care Bikini & Underarm Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive Skin

This skin hair removal and moisturizing finishing cream performs delicately however efficiently to uncover smooth silky skin area. Particularly this type of hair removal cream is engineered with shea butter to carefully get rid of hair within five minutes, whereas the finishing cream has enhancing cocoa butter along with vitamin E to make the skin feeling hydrated. For more info, click here.

Surgi-cream Hair Removal for Bikini and Legs

Surgi-cream has enhanced their bikini and leg hair removal cream. It’s a effective as well as powerful cream which has a nice scent. The sole negative thing is that individuals with delicate skin within the bikini area will certainly suffer some stinging as the cream is functioning plus some redness soon after usage. Under an hour or so subsequent to employing the cream, irritation together with redness is going to disappear. In case you are accustomed to utilizing hair removal creams, no doubt you’ve came across Surgi-cream previously, when it used to have a powerful odour in addition to causing an increasingly strong burning sensation. The enhanced formulation warrants granting Surgi-cream one more test.

Nair Sensitive Moisturizing Bikini Cream

Regardless of what sort of skin level of sensitivity, you’ve got it’s good being somewhat mindful in terms of creams that you employ within the bikini area. Nair is one of the top bikini hair removal creams. This brilliant sensitive skin cream is not merely efficient but in addition has a nice aroma to it leaving your skin soft and even smooth.

Gigi Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Legs

Like Superdrug bikini hair removal cream, Gigi also comes with a soothing balm to use after hair removal. Gigi hair removal cream is an efficient as well as rapid functioning hair remover. Creams which will work this effectively and rapid will definitely possess a disadvantage. The main negative thing is the potential skin discomfort that the cream may cause. Sensitive skin will probably have redness and even experience strong irritation once the cream has been washed off. That’s where the calming balm comes into play. It will aid in calming the irritation rapidly.

Avon Skin So Soft Bikini Hair Removal Cream

Any person who enjoys the fragrance as well as the calming moisturizer action of Avon’s Skin So Soft merchandise will adore the bikini hair removal cream. It truely does work if employed as directed leaving your bikini area free of hair as well as smooth to the touch. An important feature about this cream is that it will not inflame or aggravate your skin, plus it rinses off effortlessly without the need of  rubbing or scrubbing in order to remove the depilatory coating on the skin. Abrasive hair may need a little more time frame to be taken off efficiently, however the delicate formulation helps not result in a rash or even noticeable redness if applied all over again or left on momentarily past the advised application.