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An Overview of Skin Bleaching Cream

What is Skin Bleaching Cream?

As our culture becomes more obsessed with flawless looks, skin whitening has become more common.  Skin whitening, also referred to as skin bleaching or skin lightening is the process of evening out skin complexions and skin tones through chemical substances.  This article will take a look at what skin bleaching cream is and the advantages and disadvantages of using such a cream.

Skin bleaching cream is a compound used to lighten skin that is discolored or that is affected by age spots or other forms of hyper-pigmentation.  There are two primary types of skin bleaching cream which include natural skin bleachers and chemical skin bleachers.

  • Natural Skin Bleaching Cream

Natural skin bleaching cream is typically made using ingredients you might find in your refrigerator.  These creams tend to be far safer than chemical skin bleachers.  Typical ingredients might include cucumber or lemon juice, and almond butter.  You can also make your own natural skin bleaching cream at home using ingredients such as plain yogurt, honey, lemon, and turmeric.

  • Chemical Skin Bleaching Cream

As with most beauty products, this form of skin bleaching cream includes numerous chemicals in order to carry out the whitening process.  Unfortunately, these creams often contain harmful chemicals such as BHA or hydroquinone.  These chemicals have been found to be toxic and can lead to numerous diseases including skin cancer, reproductive damage, and immune system damage (among other ill effects).

Disadvantages of Skin Bleaching Cream

Perhaps obviously, the primary disadvantage of skin bleaching cream arises out of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.  As mentioned, skin bleaching cream often contains hazardous chemicals that can greatly affect the user’s health. Fortunately, many countries are beginning to take notice of these damaging effects and are banning the use of chemicals such as hydroquinone in creams that are meant to be left on the skin.  To take advantage of skin bleaching creams without the damaging effects of chemicals, consider whitening creams that use naturally ingredients.

Advantages of Skin Bleaching Cream

Skin bleaching cream has a number of benefits.  If you’re looking to greatly improve the look of your skin, a skin bleaching cream may be just what you’re looking for.  The benefits include:

  • Available Over-the-Counter: Many skin bleaching creams are available over-the-counter and as such, are easy to obtain.  If you’re looking to improve the look and color of your skin, you want a solution that’s easy to use and accessible.
  • Gradual Effect: We’ve all seen individuals who use fake tanners and turn bright orange the next day.  No one wants this and the same holds true in color changes in the opposite direction.  Fortunately, a good skin bleaching cream will work gradually so you aren’t shocked by a huge, sudden change in skin tone.
  • Beneficial Ingredients: Another primary benefit of skin bleaching creams is that they often contain a number of beneficial ingredients that will not only improve the color of your skin, but may also moisturize and improve the overall healthiness of it.

In conclusion, a natural skin bleaching cream can be an excellent weapon in your arsenal against unsightly skin.  Just ensure you avoid any creams which use harmful chemicals. For guys, you can read this article on best fairness cream for men.